Domov O nás Tomas Biscuit

Tomas Biscuit

Casino Analyst & Complaint Specialist

Tomas is a part of the Casino Guru casino review team in the position of a Casino Analyst. His main responsibilities are adding new casinos to our online casino database and updating existing entries.

His career history mostly consists of doing odd jobs here and there, looking for something that’d keep his interest. As a child, he had high aspirations of either becoming a doctor…or a bus driver. Nowadays, Tomas just does whatever feels right and considers himself to be a life-long student.

Tomas enjoys reading a good book when not buried in his work, usually opting for some quality fantasy, fiction, crime, nonfiction, or travel literature. On the off-chance that he’s not tired of sitting behind a PC on any given day, he’s always down to dive into a solid RPG or TCG video game. Tomas also has a deep interest in adventure and sports. Deep in the sense that he does quite a lot of spelunking in caves.

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