Domov O nás Maros Culmore

Maros Culmore

Data Analyst

Maros is one of Casino Guru’s data analysts, working in collaboration with the rest of our affiliate team. He spends his days knee-deep in graphs, tables, and other market research, distilling them to the most crucial information and supporting our company activities with relevant insights and analyses.

His career began in a picturesque village surrounded by high mountains and lush greenery. As a child, he planned on becoming an archaeologist, exploring ancient places, searching for legendary treasures, and revealing hidden stories from a time long past.

Those plans didn’t come to fruition, and Maros wandered the job market for a while, experimenting with whatever he felt might engage him most, and ended up falling into his own in the administrative sphere. That path would eventually lead him to us.

In his spare time, Maros enjoys traveling and engaging his childhood love for exploration. Outside of that, he loves to ski, swim, or just sit down with a good movie.

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