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Joe Zimmerman

Testing Lead


Joe is in charge of our team of testers. We work with testers from all countries from which we get a significant number of visitors to make sure that the information we present to our visitors is relevant to them and correct.

Apart from other things, Joe and his team of testers make sure that casinos actually work for players from the tested countries. This involves testing the registration process, payment methods, game selection and other important factors influencing the user experience of players from each tested country. Testing all top casinos from a certain country allows us to fine-tune our list of best online casinos for that country, so that everybody is presented with a relevant list of fully-functional casinos, with the best ones appearing at the top.

Joe’s work with testers is also crucial for our database of bonuses, especially no deposit bonuses. As these change quite frequently and aren’t offered to players from all countries, testers help us to optimize the list of no deposit bonuses for each country, so that everybody only sees bonuses which they can actually use.

Apart from that, Joe is also our resident expert on video poker, as you can see from the video poker articles he’s written.

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