Domov O nás Andrej Kozab

Andrej Kozab

SEO Specialist

Andrej is one of Casino Guru’s skilled SEO specialists. He dedicates his efforts to tweaking and perfecting our SEO ratings, both on and off-site. Thanks to his works, we can rest assured that the people who need our services the most will not struggle with finding us. Andrej has a long history within the industry, with over 7 years of experience as an SEO specialist and consultant. Over the years, he collaborated with Casino Guru externally for a long time on our technical SEO and other related activities. Besides his work, he attends the University of Dundee’s Department of Applied Computing.

Andrej is detail-oriented, quickly picking up new information and always looking for new and revolutionary ways to remove technical issues . When that gets a bit too much, he gives his mind a rest with some physical activity. For the past 10 years, competitive water polo was that escape for him. But now, Andrej’s favorites are bodybuilding, badminton, and swimming.

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