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Is there anyone who registered here?

They write that they will call you after the first deposit and verify the deposit with personal information.

My English is not good at all.

Does anyone have experience with this?

And how does verification work here?

I have heard that it is very difficult here and they want the above-average documents.

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Could you please forward casino link? I can check for you (please hit "Reply" button when replying to me personally 😊)

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Its elroyalecasino.com i try nodep bonus $ 40 and I rolled it to some $ 240 the maximum withdrawal is $ 120 so after spinning it threw me $ 120 the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 150. So I have to deposit a certain amount and bet that amount once.

Now I have sent all the documents they require and now there is nothing left but to wait.

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you could tell how it went with this casino to know if it is serious or maybe they do not let you withdraw the winnings, please to be able to play there in the future

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Dear Luckyr,

Could you please file an official complaint https://casino.guru/complaints? We will investigate and contact the casino to find out what the issue is. Thank you in advance. 

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We probably don't understand Petronella.

I only wrote if anyone has experience with this casino.

So far no problem has appeared, I just read their terms and conditions, where, for example, they call for a deposit.

Yesterday I provided them with all the documents so we will see, it is possible that I will file a complaint but there is no reason yet, I just asked if anyone has experience with this casino because it had a good reputation.

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I'll wait a few more hours, but then I'll file a complaint

I sent the documents 7/27/20 today is 8/13/20 and I still don't have a verified account.

It is obvious that they are doing it on purpose

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I agree that 17 days for processing documents is enough time...

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27.7 - 14.8 its 18.days

I don't know if anyone read it from them here, but an hour after the publication, my account is finally fully verified.

Now I have finally unlocked the payment. So I asked for payment so hopefully everything will be fine.

So I will not file a complaint yet.

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